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About us

Mediterranean Yachting Magazine (www.med-yachting.com) is the online blog of med Media and Communication media and communication division - Euroblu International STUDY CENTER AND BUSINESS SYNERGY for the nautical sector and the promotion of the Mediterranean coastal areas.

med Media and Communication

Euroblu International Srl
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Rome 00187 Italy
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Vision ...

Med-Yachting wants to be a source of digital information on the main activities taking place in the Mediterranean with a particular focus on the nautical world and on the hospitality of coastal areas, written not by journalists but by those who live the mediterranean every day for work: ports, marinas, shipyards, charter companies, tour operators ...

The blog will be updated without any periodicity and, in most cases, will give summary information on the events that can be looked into through the official links.

Editorial team

Monica Fort
EN version coordinator
Monica Fort

Massimo Grippi
IT version coordinator
Massimo Grippi

Riccardo Grippi
Social Media & MKTG
Riccardo Grippi

Barbara Bonetti
ADVertising & Synergy
Barbara Bonetti

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System Group Marine Division


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