The Bubble, the new frontier of ecological transport


The Bubble, the new frontier of ecological transport

100% electric, zero emissions, the Bubble is totally autonomous during its use in water while it recharges in the waiting times at the pier during which passengers enter and leave.


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People can enter through the side door, with the help of a hostess, and take a seat in the cockpit. Once the doors are closed, the Bubble detaches from the pier like a common boat. The magic happens when you exceed 12 km / h (7.5 mph), in fact at that moment the special design of the Bubble will make it glide over the water as if it were flying. Maintaining exceptional stability for its small stature, the Bubble will not make you feel any discomfort during navigation.

Once the ride is over, the Bubble slowly returns to the water level to reach the pier, getting passengers out and waiting for the next ones to be ready to board.

The strength of the project lies in the intersection of different technologies. The propulsion system, the steering system and the hydrodynamic design come from the nautical industry. The interior design and upper deck design come from the automotive industry. While the foils come from the aviation industry and are designed by the engineers who created Hydroptère. Excellent for small displacements, the Bubble could become the new standard for maritime transport in the city.

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