Nemo, the personal submarine


Nemo, the personal submarine

U-Boat Worx introduces a new addition to its popular submarine range with its latest Nemo model. This 2-seater light submarine is currently in the final stage of production.

Nemo by U-Boat Worx

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The ultra-modern design, sharp lines, hydrodynamic shape and optimal power-to-power ratio combine to create a masterpiece of engineering and design. NeMO’s refined details, including octagonal thrusters, a car-like stern and a fully acrylic pressurized hull, create a submarine with personality and performance-conscious.

Weighing a total of just 2,500 kilograms, the NEMO is the lightest manned submarine ever built. Only 155 centimeters tall. With these key features, the NEMO is suitable for a much wider audience. Given its low weight and size, the NEMO can be towed behind a car onto a trailer for launch on the shore.

The interior of the NEMO takes crafts to new heights. Its contemporary design, with an emphasis on comfort and functionality, creates an elegant and relaxing environment for both the pilot and those who prefer to be guided.

U-Boat Worx offers training with the purchase of a NEMO submarine. The training consists of 12 days of full-time training at the company’s official facility, Sub Center Curaao (SCC). Here the lucky owner will learn everything he needs to become a certified submarine operator.

The NEMO will be available once market demand is met. As a result, this economy of scale allows us to value the NEMO at 975,000 dollars.

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Nemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat WorxNemo by U-Boat Worx

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