Nemesis One Concept, impressive performance and electric propulsion


Nemesis One Concept, impressive performance and electric propulsion

Nemesis One is a 332 foot fully electric catamaran.

Nemesis Yachts electric catamaran

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The builder claims it can reach speeds in excess of 50 knots, according to a press release. As surprising as it may seem, equally intriguing is its extravagant technology, which includes a hydrogen propulsion system supported by a solar-powered compartment.

Nemesis yachts boldly promises that the concept will be "the fastest luxury foiling yacht in the world". The boat, which according to the company looks more like a fighter jet than a sailing yacht, is capable of cruising at a cruising speed of 35 knots.

The Nemesis One is capable of flying over water thanks to a truly forward-thinking hydrogen fuel cell powered propulsion system, according to New Atlas. The power compartment will provide the ship with up to 150 kWh of energy. But the entire propulsion system is responsible for only 18 knots of speed. The rest comes from the yacht’s "Oceanwings" automated sail.

The computer-controlled sail automatically adjusts angle and torque to take into account wind and weather conditions and is 2.6 times more efficient than a traditional sail.

Measuring 332 feet long and 128 feet wide, the social and entertainment areas on the boat are decidedly sumptuous. Based on the renderings, the accommodations are designed to resemble those of a luxury jet-set hotel. Interestingly, the boat’s "dynamic modules" are detachable and can be replaced depending on the circumstances. They can also be removed completely promoting performance and speed.

Still being a concept, it is not possible to ensure the certainty of performance and design, but one thing is certain, the idea is very interesting.

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Nemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaranNemesis Yachts electric catamaran

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