Libertas the new yacht of the Sichterman shipyard


Libertas the new yacht of the Sichterman shipyard

Libertas combines revolutionary technological innovations with timeless design to offer 5-star luxury and pleasure, while being extremely efficient. The first Libertas has already been sold, and will be delivered to its owner in April 2020.

Libertas Yacht by Sichterman

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The word that best describes Libertas is "versatile." The ship, in fact, is equipped with everything you need for a pleasant day at sea, whether you just want to take a walk or explore long stretches of coastline at high speed. It is also a perfect and reliable limousine tender that takes its owners to the port when they have anchored their super yacht off the coast and have a desire to set foot on land.

In 2018, Van Oossanen Naval Architects began developing a new series of fast yachts within the Sichterman fleet. Two versions of the yacht series have been developed: a limousine version, designed for small stretches in maximum comfort and a more autonomous version, with a sedan inside the hull.

The Libertas has a form of hull diverging from other Sichterman works. This hull is specifically designed for high-speed boats, while other Sichterman yachts emphasized on cruise comfort. The Libertas is the first Sichterman that uses this hull shape, but it can and will be implemented on larger Sichterman yachts in the future.

During construction, special attention was paid to the integration of the Volvo Penta IPS system in order to optimize speed, allow ease of handling and maximum maneuverability. With Van Oossanen’s optimized hull lines, the Libertas is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 knots with 2 IPS 950 engines installed, making it one of the lowest fuel-efficient boats to navigate international waters.

Another way in which the Libertas Sichterman stands out from the others, is for its autonomy. With an average speed, this 15-meter-long ship can carry its passengers for as much as 500 nautical miles. Which means you can sail from Monaco to Ibiza, or from Capri to Sardinia and vice versa, with only one full of fuel.

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Libertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by SichtermanLibertas Yacht by Sichterman

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