Iguana Original, The Amphibious Tender


Iguana Original, The Amphibious Tender

Iguana Original is a sophisticated amphibious tender developed and built by Iguana Yachts. The ship is made up of materials such as carbon, aluminium and stainless steel to make it solid and robust, while an intelligent hydraulic system facilitates its maintenance.

Iguana tender

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The Original’s design is clean, linear and designed to emphasize the ship’s performance. This model is available in three versions: Classic, Exclusive, and Expedition.

The first model provides a spacious deck allowing as many as 12 people to travel comfortably on the ship. The removable aft ladder is comfortable and functional, while the various customization options make the model suitable for optimizations based on the owner’s usage.

The second is the most refined and embellishes the ship with refined material details, includes a refrigerator, stereo speakers, a comfortable shower and extra space in the cargo compartment, in addition, the customization of the hull in a wide range of different colors makes the ship practically unique.

The third layout, on the other hand, is more distinctly dedicated to adventure, giving the ship a more solid edge on the waves. Shock-absorbing seats and a deep V-hull make the onboard experience comfortable even when crossing rough waters. Unlike other versions that equip a single 300 hp engine, the Expedition uses two, speeding at 58 mph. That in the water, we can assure, are really a lot.

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Iguana tenderIguana tenderIguana tenderIguana tenderIguana tenderIguana tender

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