Foiler, the flying yacht by Enata Marine


Foiler, the flying yacht by Enata Marine

Enata marine has released the 2020 version of the Foiler. The elegant boat is equipped following the highest standards in the choice of technology and materials. It offers luxury features to meet the most particular needs of customers in terms of design and technical finishes. In short, Foiler is the yacht that all lovers of innovation and speed in the nautical field would like to have in their fleet.

Foiler Yacht by Enata Marine

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Available in different layouts to be able to adapt to different customer needs, the yacht is ideal for those looking for fun for the whole family or instead chasing the thrill of strong emotions at the James Bond.

With a new hydrostatic propulsion system of 740 HP, the FOILER reaches 40 knots of speed with extreme ease. This also thanks to the hydro-foiling system allows the boat to "fly" 1.5 meters above the water, offering better performance and a significant reduction in consumption.

The Foiler, despite the unusual shapes, is extremely stable and immune to wave interference. Driving it is surprisingly easy and intuitive. The attention paid to the customer makes it a yacht capable of offering an unforgettable sailing experience every time. There are three customizable versions of the layout: Azure, Venturi and Royale.

The Azure layout offers generous deck space with a luxury front cabin and an oasis of relaxation aft with extra seating and a closed rear. Two solarium areas, lots of space and a large retractable table making this perfect design to enjoy pleasant days and nights of family fun.

The Venturi layout is for adventure seekers, sun worshipers and fun seekers, who want to spend their days in the water in maximum comfort with two solarium areas for maximum relaxation. With a large open layout and a large retractable table on the back, this is the design that allows for more freedom and flexibility.

The Royale is for the demanding customer who is looking for performance and style. Three benches with retractable tables offer greater comfort during travel and the luggage storage compartment offers an unprecedented ease of movement during travel.

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Foiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata MarineFoiler Yacht by Enata Marine

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