P1, a fascinating concept with a green soul


P1, a fascinating concept with a green soul

This 55-foot concept can transform from a ship with an electric motor to a fully equipped sailing yacht. Conceived by Pedro Ramalho, a founding member of Parq Architects, the ecological concept "P1" was designed to run solely on wind and solar energy.

P1, a fascinating concept with a green soul

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P1 sports just over 645 square feet of photovoltaic solar panels. This allows the boat to generate up to 15 kW of zero-carbon electricity directly from the sun to power the boat’s electric motor and charge the batteries. Of course, this configuration requires solar irradiation of a certain level and even if it does not exist, the solution is ready.

In fact, if the solar energy is not sufficient, the sail component engages. P1 is equipped with a retractable mast, keel and rudder. This navigation rig functions as an articulated triangle with a sliding vertex that allows it to open easily when needed. The sails, meanwhile, unwind from a roller shutter inside the masts. When not in use, it neatly collapses out of sight.

Of course, the real value comes from the two systems working in tandem. Together, they can increase the range, speed and performance of the ship.

Despite the ship’s somewhat small interior, Ramalho has managed to adapt an aft lounge area, a galley, a dining area, three cabins and plenty of seating.

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P1, a fascinating concept with a green soulP1, a fascinating concept with a green soulP1, a fascinating concept with a green soulP1, a fascinating concept with a green soulP1, a fascinating concept with a green soul

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