Alva Yachts announces its ECO line


Alva Yachts announces its ECO line

The attention to the environment in the post-Covid world is getting stronger, which is why a young German brand, Alva yachts, is launching an advanced range of catamarans, sailing yachts and eco-friendly houseboats.

Ocean ECO 60 by Alva Yachts

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The yachts of the German shipyard are designed specifically around electric propulsion. The bold and modern lines of the OCEAN ECO 60 and the OCENA ECO 90 are certainly seductive, but they also serve another purpose: to maximize space for the installation of solar panels.

These solar panels are shaped and fully integrated into the ship’s structure. At peak production, they can generate 20kW on the OCEAN ECO 60, while the 300kWh lithium battery bank offers the boat a range of 110 nautical miles at seven knots, or a potentially unlimited range of 4-5 knots.

As for the high-performance sailing market, Alva’s OCEAN SAIL 82 offers the most self-sufficient yacht of its class. It boasts innovative features such as a state-of-the-art plant, hybrid propulsion and a high-capacity battery bench that allows the boat to generate totally renewable energy.

At the base of all Alva products there is a philosophy. It’s not enough to build fancy-looking luxury boats; must be as efficient as possible and able to operate without emissions. Using high-capacity battery counters, structural solar panels and state-of-the-art water management, Alva Yachts also caters to houseboat markets.

Alva Yachts also uses high-quality recycled metals as well as recycled insulation material and is testing solutions using cork and linen floors for composite work.

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Ocean ECO 60 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 60 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 60 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean ECO 90 by Alva YachtsOcean SAIL 82 by Alva YachtsOcean SAIL 82 by Alva YachtsOcean SAIL 82 by Alva Yachts

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